NAZARETH HOME for the Less Privileged

Nazareth Home for the hopeless street children (NHHSC) came to be because of the passion of Miss Abiodun Adeola, Executive
Director towards the street children and the less priviledge. From 2009, she devoted her time and life to showing them love
and fights their cause and that led to establishing the home and get the name registered with the corporate affairs commission
in Nigeria. As a non-profitable governmental organization providing integrated home for street children who are victims of
scourged wars and societal crisis. It provides supportive care and coping services for the street children

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 Nazareth home is a non-governmental organization {NGO} that provides a better life for the street children. We have been in operation for the past two years with support, especially finance, from self and family members, and we have not allowed this and other challenges deter us from remolding these children whom we believe are the future of Nigeria, who when nurtured right and cared for, will contribute to the growth and development of our great country Nigeria.

The Nazareth Home was developed to provide an accommodation and counselling centres for boys on the street. This vision emanated after interacting with some of the boys on the street to discover that for most of them their problem stemmed from poverty, child abuse, broken homes, and total parental neglect.

The Nazareth Home Street children Rehabilitation was established in 2009 in Iwo road area of Lagelu LGA in response to the plight of children living on the street. Epidemic and other socio-cultural issues, Ibadan and Iwo road area in particular has experienced an alarming growth in the number of orphans and street children. As a result of the epidemic many children were forced to drop out of school and start working to support the family. Its ultimate purpose is to provide vulnerable children an opportunity to leave the street and to re-establish connections with
their families and communities. This is done through promotion of positive
values, family counselling, and the creation of a network of community
resources and services in support of the children

 There is a child out there who
has something special on the inside of him, but whose life is presently
miserable, because he thinks that no one cares. It has been discovered that
there’s no irresponsible child, but what we have are irresponsible adults.

Children our future leader of
tomorrow and a lot of these children roam about the street aimlessly with no
supervision from any one.

These children are being
abused, harassed and left on the street to roam about causing social menace in
the society.

 Some of these children also
engaged in various odd jobs to be able raise some little money to sustain
themselves: at
Nazareth Home for the homeless street children, we help
them find that special inherent gift by being their parent and guardian that
was never there for them and make them relevant to the society, regardless of
ethnicity and age.

At Nazareth Home, we lay
emphasis on practical mentoring and display of love. We believe that the major
difference between the children are basically the orientation they had and
ironically even though these boys do not have much influence over the
orientation received, they have to bear the consequences of it.

 The organization is currently
implementing the programmes and project: 

Street Children Rehabilitation project through the Street children Temporary Home Care.

Street children school (on planning stage and not yet implemented).

Join us in our Quest to give these
kids a better life

Our Mission

To alleviate the suffering of vulnerable street children through the building and sustenance of their self-help capacity and to protect them from epidemic and ensure their proper development for future leadership in the nation.

Our Vision

To rehabilitate the street children, integrate them back into the society and help them develop their inherent skills/talents.

Our Objectives

To promote physical and psychological recovery and the social integration of street children.

To ensure that street children live in a loving atmosphere.

To ensure development of street children’s personality, talent and abilities.

To protect such children from exploitation and abuse.

To advocate for the strengthening of positive culture and values that enhance the care, support and protection of street children.